National Library of Sejong City (South Korea)

national library of sejong city by SAMOO has swooping roof
all photos by young chae park

the ‘national library of sejong city’ by SAMOO architects & engineers is the first branch facility of the national library of korea, built in the country’s multifunctional administrative municipality. the architecture’s swooping roof references the motif of a book page turned over, which speaks of the building’s functions–a place where analogue and digital formats of information converge, offering users maximum convenience of sourcing volumes of data.

one approaches the entrance of the library via a large pedestrian plaza. this integration of expansive physically undefined areas is continued on the interior, providing spatial connectivity throughout, while also aids users with way finding. the first and second floors have open layouts with many reading areas, while the third floor houses more private programs such as seminar rooms and conference facilities. the fourth floor offers a dining area and rooftop terraces with views of the surroundings and nearby lake.

the curving roof references a page of a book turned over

BIM (building information modeling) initiated the project, and was heavily involved in the approval and execution of the library’s major structural elements; slab, columns and cores were modeled by the company, to ensure their viability in the construction process. in addition, BIM provided consultation on the pre-construction simulations, offering solutions for the manufacturing of the unique panels and curtain wall systems–fundamental to the curving geometries of the project–employed in the design.

the ‘national library of sejong city’ is planned to be a major resource and support centre for korea’s newly relocated central government complex. set to open at the end of 2013, it will stand as a unique landmark, becoming an important asset to the city, and host to cultural activities.


front view

detail of the façade panelling

the interior features expansive open spaces

rooftop terrace

the ‘national library of sejong city’ by night

project info:

architect: SAMOO architects & engineers
location: dasom3-ro, sejong city, korea
total floor area: 21,076㎡
floors: 4 stories and 2 basements
structure: RC, SRC
year: 2013
credits: S.A.M.O.O. architects & engineers
photography: young chae park
collaboration: keun jeong architects & engineers inc



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